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Vacancies in private services

Are you looking for a new job in private home care? Then come and work at Nobilis! 
Our employees work in the homes of elderly and provide them with care and support to make their lives a little bit more comfortable. Working at home with elderly is facinating, rewaring and very diverse. Working for Nobilis is even more fun, because the client is the centre of our organisation. We respect their whishes and these are leading. The client decides when, by who, and how they want to recieve care or other support.  As a result you will always arrive at a moment that suits the client best. 

Do you have excperience with working with the eldery at their own home, do you enjoy providing care of support with all kinds of services or activitites and do you get satisfaction when you can really do something meaningfull for others? Then this might be start of a great collaboration with Nobilis.

Take a look at our vacancies! 

Personal home care assistant

Do you like taking care of others and yourself? This is possible with flexible employment in care at Nobilis!

We are looking for enthausiastic employees who have affinity with cleaning but can also provide our clients a trustworthy and stable home situation. 

We believe in the power of a trusted team and are therfore looking for a permanent face for our clients. The work as a Personal home care assistant is very diverse. The emphasis is on supporting our customers in the field of household care, but can also be expanded with other tasks such as groceries shopping or meal preperation. The wishes and needs of the clients are leading.

Are you the Personal home care assistant we are looking for? Send us your resume and motivation and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Mail to or call 023 - 5100 333

Self-employed in healthcare for 12- and 24-hour shifts

Have you become a freelancer in healthcare to work with passion and to offer you clients more attention and therefore better care? Do you also have your full compentence and registration in order? Then you have come to the right place at Nobilis. We are looking for committed self-employed caregivers to be able to offer just that little bit extra. We offer you that too!

Are you always looking for opportunities and challenges? If you are interested, please send us your resume and motivation letter why you think we should work together. 

In addition, we are also looking for unqualified colleagues with experience and passion for working with the elderly. Are you looking for opportunities and challenges? Then Nobilis os looking for you! 


Mail to of call 023 - 5100 333