About Nobilis

Nobilis focuses on elderly people who wish to continue living comfortably at home, in a natural way with the certainty of personal attention and care within reach. Nobilis creatively thinks along with its clients, providing them with an expert advice on the fulfilment of their demands. We believe in the independence of people, having their own wishes and making their own decisions. We believe that getting old happily is a matter of personal freedom and respect, but above all of retaining the quality of life someone is used to. Additionally, it’s important to cherish specific talents as well as characteristic oddities.

When you decide to make your life easier with our support, we first look for a suitable match between you and one of our qualified home care workers. Someone you can count on today and tomorrow. It is our ambition to offer affordable support in your own neighbourhood, so you can hold on to your independency as long as possible, respecting your individual lifestyle. Nobilis provides you with expert advice on the costs of such service. Our home care support combines private and public (insured) healthcare and services in a unique manner, always with a clear and unambiguous financial overview. Nobilis is synonym for quality, trust and a high level of service. The ever-changing world around us inspires us to deliver the best solution for each individual situation.