About Nobilis

About Nobilis

Nobilis provides private care and services in addition to your (care) indication and often in addition to your caregiver/informal care. When you choose the services of Nobilis we will look with you for the most suitable match between you and a qualified Nobilis employee. For now and in the future. The care you receive from Nobilis embodies quality, reliability and personal attention with an eye for service. In the continuously changing demand, we quickly find the best solution for each individual situation. 

The Nobilis approach

No one person is the same, no situation is comparable. If we assign a personal assistant to the elderly, they can support them in various ways. The range of our services go from household chores, meal preparation, gardening or personal care tasks to full 24-hour care. We ensure that you get excactly what you need with regard for your personal lifestyle.  

Our team of personal assistants is motivated, decisive and adequate in their work. They put your wishes first and are there for you when you need them. When you choose for the services of Nobilis we will introduce you to a personal assistant who is a good fit for you as a person. 

We think it is important to be transperant about the prices we charge so you know in advance what the services will cost.