Nobilis can make your life easier in many ways. Our home care support combines private and public (insured) healthcare and services in a unique manner, that perfectly suits your specific demands. A personal approach, underpinned by transparent pricing, as disclosed to you in clear overviews. We listen carefully to your and those of your loved ones wishes, and accordingly we match with the best suitable home care worker.

You determine what kind of support you need, for how long, how often, and when. It is our ambition to offer you affordable support in your own neighbourhood in order to sustain your autonomy as long a possible. Nobilis creatively thinks along with its clients, providing them with an expert advice on the fulfillment of their demands. Each situation and requirement is unique, and so we offer a fitting, unique solution. Whether it is at home or during your holidays, whether it involves vacuum cleaning, reading aloud, night care or 24/7 presence, everything is possible.

Housekeeping help

When certain daily routines, like vacuum, cleaning or cooking become too much for you, we are here to offer support. Our work is not limited to housekeeping activities. We also take care of pets (walking the dog for example) and are able to perform administrative tasks.

Organized transport for a day or evening out

When you either do not have a driver’s licence or possibly have become insecure of driving, but you still wish to visit your loved ones without being dependent on others, Nobilis is here to help you out. With Nobilis you do not need to ask around for transport to the theatre or concert hall. We can and will arrange your mobility for a day or evening out. Your home care worker can even accompany you on your visit.

Summer preparation of your garden

Your love gardening, but to get your garden ready for the summer becomes a tougher job each spring. However, not being able to cut branches or to rake the garden does not mean that you should give up on your garden ambitions. Nobilis will give you a hand when and where you need it, from mowing the grass to weeding the beds.

Cooking, using fresh ingredients

It takes you more and more time and effort to cook your own meals. Instead of switching to home delivered, ready-to-eat, meals, Nobilis helps you to continue cooking with fresh ingredients. Besides doing the shopping for you, we can also cook for you if you so wish. Depending on the moment of preparation you will enjoy your meal hot from the stove, or you can heat it up when it suits you.

Assistance during certain times of the day (morning, evening)

The changes in your physical abilities could lead to unwanted situations. For example, when you start to avoid taking a bath as it is becoming more and more difficult to get in and out of the bathtub or you are afraid to slip, Nobilis can help. You can continue taking your refreshing and relaxing baths. Just tell us when, and we will be there to help you get in and out. We can also help you taking off your your socks or stockings, washing your hair, shaving or applying make up. Just ask us.

Professional wound treatment at home

Physical inconveniences like a stoma, a wound or a drip, require professional attention and treatment. In consultation with your doctor, Nobilis has qualified medical nurses to look after you with the care you need.

24/7 personal assistance at home

With our 24/7 service there will always be a personal assistant around to look after you. This is safe and convenient when you recover, for example from a hip replacement surgery. Nobilis supports you when and where needed with personal care and housekeeping tasks. Needless to say, we always keep your wishes in mind.

Night care services

Do you not like the idea of being alone at night, because you are restless or need support to get in and out your bed or bath? With our night care service there is always someone around to look after you during the night. This service at home may also offer you support during the terminal phase of your life. Nobilis will look after you and your loved ones with great dedication and respect.

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If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please tell us. When it comes to home care services nothing is impossible. Nobilis is glad to help you out.

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